Thatcham DTC is a dog training centre based in the Ramsdell/ Ashford Hill area of West Berkshire. We provide Agility training for all levels of dog and handler from pre Agility preparation classes through to top level competitive Agility.

Dog Agility was first introduced to the UK in 1978 and has proved to be increasingly popular ever since. It is a fast, fun and exciting activity for people and dogs of all ages and sizes.

Training agility is a great way of forming a strong relationship between dog and handler. Most people start training agility with the aim of having fun and being active with their dog but many 'catch the bug' and go on to compete at the numerous shows which are held across the country. We can help dog and handler partnerships through all stages, from the very beginning of their journey to competing at the highest level. We have classes to accommodate all abilities.

At Thatcham Dog Training Club (TDTC) we are passionate about positive reinforcement - we train using food and toy rewards. Quite simply, the dogs learn because they are rewarded when they get something right. Training is a fun and enjoyable experience when it is reward based!